Kuruman, Northern Cape, South Africa

Kuruman is the main town in the Kalahari region and is known as the 'Oasis of the Kalahari'. The town is blessed with a permanent source of water, which is commonly known as 'the eye'.

'The eye' delivers 20 million litres of crystal clear water daily to its inhabitants. Studded with lilly pads and beautiful lotus flowers, 'the eye' is set amongst large Willow trees. The water is filled to the brim with Bream, Carp and Barbel.

The history of Kuruman is quite interesting and apparently the name of the town was derived from a Chief who lived in the area, named Kudumane. In 1826, Robert Moffat of the London Missionary Society established the Moffat Church near the spring known as 'the eye' of Kuruman.

The mission station went on to become the most famous in Africa and was the venue for the marriage of Moffat's daughter to the world famous explorer David Livingstone.

Today, Kuruman is a bustling town, boasting the largest cattle ranching and dairy farming district in the country. As well as making a name for itself as one of the major hunting areas in South Africa, Kuruman also mines asbestos, manganese, lime and iron.

Kuruman is situated on the main route between Gauteng and Namibia / Cape Town via Upington. The route is quite popular because of its unspoilt nature and wide variety of tourist attractions.