De Aar, Northern Cape, South Africa

De Aar meaning 'artery' was named after its underground water supply and is the second largest railway junction in South Africa. Ideally placed to service trains, the railway junction was only established by authorities when the railway line from Cape Town to Kimberley was built.

Visitors to De Aar will enjoy viewing the steam locomotives chugging along sections of the town's 110km network of railway track. Another claim to fame for De Aar is that the famous author and feminist Olive Schreiner, who wrote 'Women and Labour', used to live here. Visitors to De Aar can visit Olive Schreiner's house which has now been converted into a restaurant.

Other interesting attractions that can be visited include the annual Champion Saddle Horse Show, the San paintings in the Damfontein district and the military graveyard near Deelfontein Station. The area is also known for hunting which can be done on various farms.