Colesberg, Northern Cape, South Africa

Colesberg, Northern Cape, South Africa.

Founded in 1829, Colesberg is one of the oldest towns in South Africa. It was named after its founder, Sir Lowry Cole, Governor of the Cape of Good Hope province from 1828 to 1833.

Colesberg lies in typical Karoo veld and is surrounded by koppies (little hills), the most famous koppies is definitely Coleskop. This small town in the middle of the Karoo is a very convenient overnight spot.

There is an enormous range of overnight accommodation in the town, including some lovely, well preserved, Victorian-era cottages. Colesberg also provides entertaining and educational distractions.

Did you know that Colesberg is well known for breeding the country's top merinos as well as producing high quality race horses and many stud farms. A walk around Colesberg can be very rewarding for those who are fascinated by old-time buildings and other artefacts.

Colesberg has several national monuments, one of which is the Colesberg-Kemper Museum. A fine example of 19th century Karoo architecture, it originally was the Colesberg Bank and later the Standard Bank. It now houses fascinating relics of the town's rich tapestry of history.

Colesberg is about 600km from Johannesburg and about 800km from Cape Town. It is here that (if travelling from Johannesburg) the N1 heads off to Cape Town and the N9 and N10 to George and Port Elizabeth respectively, so motorists need to be reasonably alert if they are to stay on the right road. It is about 550km to George and 450km to Port Elizabeth.