Northern Cape Travel Guide

Travel guide, experiences and information on attractions and things to do in the Northern Cape.
  • Calvinia in the Northern Cape of South Africa.


    Calvinia is situated in the Hantam Karoo region, at the foot of the Hantam Mountains in the Northern Cape. Calvinia has a range of attractions, including spectacular wild flowers in spring

  • Colesberg, Northern Cape, South Africa.


    Founded in 1829, Colesberg is one of the oldest towns in South Africa. It was named after its founder, Sir Lowry Cole, Governor of the Cape of Good Hope province from 1828 to 1833

  • Colesberg, Northern Cape, South Africa.

    De Aar

    De Aar meaning 'artery' was named after its underground water supply and is the second largest railway junction in South Africa. Visitors to De Aar will enjoy viewing the steam locomotives

  • Hanover, Karoo, Northern Cape, South Africa.


    Position, position, position! That's the main attraction of this town almost halfway between Johannesburg and Cape Town on the N1. (And also halfway between Durban and Cape Town on the

  • Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa.


    It is almost certainly only because of the existence of an enormous diamond pipe that the town of Kimberley ever developed. An interesting fact is that the rock that diamonds are found in is

  • Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa.


    Kuruman is the main town in the Kalahari region and is known as the 'Oasis of the Kalahari'. The town is blessed with a permanent source of water, which is commonly known as 'the eye'

  • Nieuwoudtville, Northern Cape, South Africa.


    This isolated town, about 50km off the N7 and just over 300km north of Cape Town, is best known for its spring flowers. But it is a pretty town, with lovely stone houses. The nearby Waterval Alleen

  • Augrabies Falls in the Northern Cape.

    Northern Cape

    The Northern Cape is South Africa's biggest province and consists mostly of desert or semi-desert and a long, virtually deserted and utterly beautiful coastline. The water's not too warm

  • Orania.


    The village, originally built and used by the Department of Water Affairs, stood empty and neglected for several years. Today, Orania is a thriving little town and is alive with enthusiasm

  • Orania.


    Springbok is situated in the Northern Cape Province, about 600km north of Cape Town. The town is the commercial and cultural centre of Namaqualand

  • Augrabies Falls.


    This small town in the heart of the Northern Cape is not the most glamorous urban destination, but it is the gateway to the Kalahari. From here it's not far to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and